Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great Art & Renewed Friendships

Last night we had the opening reception for Sarah Bellavance Rasich - using Sarah's Maiden name in our publicity let's people know she is the daughter of Liz and Thom - her dad was the president of Salisbury U. Sarah now lives with her family in Richmond. If you have a chance to see Sarah's contemporary watercolors you will find them soothing and reflective. It was a great turnout thanks to Liz providing many contacts from the university community. It was a great surprise to see Nancy and Enzo DeMasi with Walter and Karen Lischick. The DeMasi's have moved back to Salisbury - Chicago was just too cold! Enzo is an abstract painter so we talked about showing his work in the future. It was a week for catching up with friends - several who were making their first visit to the gallery. No better way to spread the word about the gallery and our artists.