Saturday, December 22, 2012


Standing in the gallery today gives me time to reflect on the past year. It has been a year of highs and lows for the gallery "family." Our greatest loss was losing Bill Rolig - one of the most amazing men anyone could know. Bill was an incredible painter but more importantly he was a kind, generous, caring man. What a privilege it was to know him. He left a huge hole in all of our hearts but we know he is flying with the eagles and keeping watch over us.

The happiest news of the year was the marriage of Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride. On "advice of counsel" Lynne and Kirk realized their 14 year commitment to each other did not guarantee certain rights afforded married couples. So very quietly they slipped into the court house and were married on February 29. With a luscious cake made by Phil Cropper and lots of sparkling wine flowing, friends and family toasted them at the gallery on March 4. We love celebrations like this! Now Lynne and Kirk have even expanded their family with the addition of Bunny - the perfect companion for Minnie (not sure Minnie agrees but...)

In April Paint Snow Hill 2012 - year 9 - set new records - 70 artists and 53 paintings sold. It is so rewarding to have artists from 9 states - one from Oregon - discover the beauty and light of this area. Judging from the interest already expressed for year 10, it looks like Paint Snow Hill 2013 April 19-21 will be another great event.
In July two of our artists turned 80 within 2 days of each other. Ed Challenger and Tuve Tuvesson are amazing in so many ways. I love it when either of them come through the front door.

And that is what makes Bishop's Stock a wonderful place to be. Now in year 10 I reflect on the great friends we have made; the great art we have shown; the many memories created of good times - even some not so good. Every day when I am ready to leave the house and I say to Sarge and Mo "ready to go to work?" their excitement matches just how I feel - Bishop's Stock is a feel good place to be.

Very best wishes for peace, joy, good health and LOTS of creativity in 2013!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Off for Year 10!

Today officially marks the second day of our 10th year as Bishop's Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine. We opened on November 3, 2003. One of the new aspects of the business - wine - gave us a way to celebrate this milestone. Our wine and sushi pairing event was a sell and AND a great success. Yama from Misaki Sushi has new fans. His selection was amazing - different flavors and sauces he offered as special touches for the 5 wines we tasted. It was a collection of old and new friends. Isn't that what keeps a buisness alive?

Our space and the quality of the art work still amazes new visitors. One attendee yesterday was very taken by the paintings. His comment was "why are these artists here in Snow Hill?" After asking this question he followed with "these artists should be in a city market - adding 0 to all the prices." Sure wish we could arrange that! 

Thinking back 9 years - so much has changed yet some things are still the same. We lost my mother in 2005 but she was able to enjoy the gallery for a short while. We have gained a daughter-in-law who comes with Bryan for several First Fridays a year. We have lost 5 gallery artists - Kent English, Monica Young, Ron Lambert, Tom George and Bill Rolig. Their creative diversity made a mark on the local art scene and on the gallery. We have shifted away from buying wholesale craft and now buy wine from some great wine reps. Our marketing has moved from print media to social media. Our website is no longer an out dated flash website. We have hung 101 shows and hosted 9 Paint Snow Hill events. AND we now have 2 canine gallery greeters instead of a 3 legged cat. 

All of this would not have happened without the incredible support of my husband. When times get tough, he is always offering encouragement. He has to be the best soul mate around! 

Thanks to family, friends and artists who have made all of this possible!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Hawaiian Connection

Never let distance or time zones stand in your way if you need design work or marketing materials developed! Kenny and Kristi Gibbs of Happy Hour Design are the best - even if they do live in Hawaii! Way back 9 years when the gallery opened, Gilly mentioned her friend Kenny - photographer, surfer, bartender - as the right guy to help "brand" Bishop's Stock. Well - he did a fabulous job - most everyone knows our cow and the great look he has brought to our marketing materials.

When Kenny and Kristi moved west - way west to Hawaii - they assured me their  great service and creative ideas would not float away. For 5 years my ads, material reprints, logo modifications have been provided through email and a few phone calls. The difference in time zones actually works in our favor. Kenny and Kristi go to work when I am winding down the day. When I get into the gallery in the morning I  have the fruits of their labor - overnight!

Now best of all, Kenny and Kristi finally convinced me they could redesign our website at a very affordable cost and in a very short period of time. Now they say I can manage the content (after Kenny gives me a tutorial by phone)! And can be read on all platforms! Check it out and see why I am so excited and so happy to have Happy Hour Design working for me thousands of miles away. Thank you, Kenny and Kristi!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Doug & His Ducks

Many of you know our resident artist and gallery assistant, Doug Fisher, but I am not sure you know some of the great work he is doing. In the spring he won a first at the Ward Museum's World Wildfowl Carving Championship for a beautifully crafted black duck. Before this he had a display at the Ocean City Boat Show and was approached by someone to make a set of working decoys. This was quite a project but he was up to the challenge! He made seven "larger than life" decoys out of cork with wooden keels. (Ducks must need to see large ducks to be fooled!) Of course, Doug is a hunter so he knew exactly what a working decoy had to be. After 6 months of shaping, sanding, sealing and painting the project was complete and ready for delivery. Glad I snapped a photo to show off these lovely birds! Take note serious hunters!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

McBride & Rehak Recognized

Just in the past week several of our artists have received recognition. We love to hear this kind of good news! Kirk McBride has again received an invitation to participate in the prestigious Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational sponsored by the Laguna Art Museum. This is the 14th annual event and it will be the third year in a row Kirk has headed to California for a week of painting the beautiful landscapes of coastal canyons and coves. What we love is that Kirk takes a lot of photographs while there and comes back to his studio to paint larger paintings with lots of California light. Check this link to find out more about this event. While his favorite painting partner and wife Lynne Lockhart does go to paint (although she has been invited in the past) she spends the week taking great photos which often become subject matter for future paintings.

                                          Carmel Mission by Kirk McBride

                                            American Discovery Trail by Jim Rehak

Jim Rehak is the other artist who won several awards at the Rehoboth Art League's Annual Member Show. Not only did he receive Best in Show, he also received Best Eastern Shore Landscape. I have judged this show so I know the quality of the work submitted. Jim's  American Discovery Trail shows how well he captures the atmosphere of coastal dunes. Jim is a wonderful plein air painter so these are much deserved awards. If by chance you are in Rehoboth stop by the Boardwalk Hotel to see the other side of Jim's creativity. He is the best caricature artist around! His talent delights beach visitors each summer. 

Congratulations Kirk and Jim!   

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Wonderful Men Reach a Milestone

Tuve Tuvesson

Ed Challenger

Yesterday I called Tuve Tuvesson - one of my favorites artists -  to tell him his last heron sculpture had been sold - he always likes hearing this kind of news. He admitted his production has slowed so not much new work is in process. He has a young guy helping fabricate metal but as Tuve admitted "younger people just do not have the commitment to work." This statement comes from an active man who tuned 80 on July 6. When he mentioned the recent birthday I told him one of his fellow artists - Ed Challenger  - celebrated the same milestone on July 4. I have known both of these men 9 years and I am amazed at how productive they are - a decade has made little difference in their creative spirits. Tuve has been an incredible caregiver for his wife after her stroke and Ed has suffered several "sports" injuries (body surfing and skiing!) but nothing keeps either of these strong men from meeting new challenges. Tuve continues to refine his designs and Ed tackles painstakingly detailed egg tempera paintings. Both Tuve and Ed mastered their art forms in retirement. How fortunate I am to have these men inspire me!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never too late to try again

Okay - I am a lousy blogger! No need to make excuses - I just need to get in the groove and make a promise to tell about all the incredible people who come through our doors. There is no traffic counter on the doors but a "guesstimate" would be 10,000 to 12,000 people have crossed the thresholds over the past  9 years. This includes "one-timers" and "repeaters." One would like to think the art work is the primary draw but over time it seems everyone has their own reason for turning those knobs. Regardless of the reason, visitors seem to pick up on the positive energy of our space and freely share themselves with us. Maybe it has been our "greeters" - Ollie (the 3 legged cat), Summoner (the first dog greeter) or Sarge and Mo (the current canine concierges) - that set the tone. Or maybe it is the creative spirit each of our artists brings to our walls. Well - if I share the wonderful connections made at 202 West Green Street I bet someone will come up with other ideas.