Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Wonderful Men Reach a Milestone

Tuve Tuvesson

Ed Challenger

Yesterday I called Tuve Tuvesson - one of my favorites artists -  to tell him his last heron sculpture had been sold - he always likes hearing this kind of news. He admitted his production has slowed so not much new work is in process. He has a young guy helping fabricate metal but as Tuve admitted "younger people just do not have the commitment to work." This statement comes from an active man who tuned 80 on July 6. When he mentioned the recent birthday I told him one of his fellow artists - Ed Challenger  - celebrated the same milestone on July 4. I have known both of these men 9 years and I am amazed at how productive they are - a decade has made little difference in their creative spirits. Tuve has been an incredible caregiver for his wife after her stroke and Ed has suffered several "sports" injuries (body surfing and skiing!) but nothing keeps either of these strong men from meeting new challenges. Tuve continues to refine his designs and Ed tackles painstakingly detailed egg tempera paintings. Both Tuve and Ed mastered their art forms in retirement. How fortunate I am to have these men inspire me!