Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get a Jump on Christmas Shopping!

 The new "wine gallery" continues to move forward - the license hearing is July 14. Keeping my fingers crossed I will get approved! There are some hurdles to cross but all in all things are coming together - working on slight changes in our marketing brand, gathering supplies, meeting with wine reps. Since there will be some changes in the gallery space I am phasing out jewelry I have purchased from some wonderful designers. Now is the time to buy gifts if your friends like unique handmade jewelry. Everything is 45% off so prices range from $15 to $150. You can always treat yourself to something new. Our best selling jewelry by Lynda Ohotnicky is not on sale since I will continue to carry her beautiful work. Armando Suarez's jewelry will still be available and a new artist, Jim Warren will be introduced. Jim's whimsical pins will be a nice addition. Jim will be demonstrating his craft during our First Friday reception on July 2. The ac is on so beat the heat by doing some early Christmas shopping!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Get a Head Start on the 45% Sale

So..... if you read this via Facebook you will know you can get a head start on our 45% off jewelry sale which officially starts June 24. To get things rolling along we will offer the sale starting Sunday, June 13 - that's tomorrow! May not be enough of an incentive to hit Green Street on a Sunday but there are fabulous buys - $20 to $300 unique handcrafted jewelry is now $11 to $165. Think of all those gifts you can have on hand for your girlfriend's birthdays! We will even box them! The gallery is open noon-5 on Sunday's.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wheels of Progress are Spinning

Looks like our license hearing will be July 14. Sure hope everyone is on board! So far our artists and patrons are thrilled with the prospect of the addition of our "wine gallery." I think everyone realizes this venture may save the gallery and "keep our lights on." Without something new and revenue generating our artists will lose out. That just cannot happen after 6 1/2 years of hard work! I am very excited about bringing Jeffrey Auxer's glass into the gallery. We will offer his wine glasses and decanters. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but our smaller craft items will focus on functional art related to wine so we will eliminate some things we have carried. We will have jewelery by Lynda Ohotnicky, Armando Suarez and a couple other artists but all other jewelry will be discontinued. This means a BIG sale starting June 24. Items $25-$300 will be $14 - $165 - just above my costs. (A very small profit allows us to take credit cards for this sale!) Great time to buy gifts - we will provide boxes! Think of this asChristmas Eve shopping six months early!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guess What is Coming to Bishop's Stock?

WINE - if all goes well with licensing! We will be know as Bishop's Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine. What is a better pairing with our great artists than wine?! Believe it or not this idea popped into my head while on the treadmill at the gym. I was reading my Kindle and had this "Aha" experience. Ran this by Randy and the next day my horoscope was  "Something in which you've been involved for some time can generate much better returns than you're presently receiving. Study matters carefully with an eye toward improvement." Well, what can I say - the die was cast! So the plan is in motion to have wine (and craft/seasonal beer) on some new shelving (we will not take any wall space from paintings) by our August 6 First Friday. As we have for 6 1/2 years (72 times) we will have a featured artist or show with the addition of featured wine to taste.  Lots of ideas cramming my brain but more on those later! Starting June 24 we will start a MAJOR sale - kind of like last minute Christmas Eve shopping only in June!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting Snailed!

That's my term for what has happened in February - we have been "snailed" - "nailed by snow." Everyone agrees enough is enough but more is heading our way. I suggest we ship snow to Vancouver where they need it for the Olympics.

Our February show - Winter Abstracts III - is just the remedy for being snowed under by winter. This is our 69th hanging of the gallery - that is hard to believe. For the past 3 years abstracts have brought the perfect color and energy just when we need it. This year's collection of work has a real WOW factor. The few who have seen the show say just that! We have 60 paintings with a wonderful variety of palettes and techniques - mostly mixed media. We are open Sat - 10-5 & Sun noon-5 (weather permitting so far) but will be glad to open other times. Just call my cell 410-726-0601.

Ugly weather did not stop some of our most loyal patrons from our First Friday reception - Ginnie & Bobby Malone along with Alan and William made their way from Salsibury. As you can see the Roligs were there to kick off the show. We were all pumped up for the next evening's Winter Blues Jam. Well, as we all know that event is now going to be April 16 - and it will be a great night! No changing the name - in April we will be really kicking the winter blues away!

So be sure to come in and check out our show - if not catch some of the images on our Facebook page - become a fan of Bishop's Stock.