Sunday, November 4, 2012

Off for Year 10!

Today officially marks the second day of our 10th year as Bishop's Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine. We opened on November 3, 2003. One of the new aspects of the business - wine - gave us a way to celebrate this milestone. Our wine and sushi pairing event was a sell and AND a great success. Yama from Misaki Sushi has new fans. His selection was amazing - different flavors and sauces he offered as special touches for the 5 wines we tasted. It was a collection of old and new friends. Isn't that what keeps a buisness alive?

Our space and the quality of the art work still amazes new visitors. One attendee yesterday was very taken by the paintings. His comment was "why are these artists here in Snow Hill?" After asking this question he followed with "these artists should be in a city market - adding 0 to all the prices." Sure wish we could arrange that! 

Thinking back 9 years - so much has changed yet some things are still the same. We lost my mother in 2005 but she was able to enjoy the gallery for a short while. We have gained a daughter-in-law who comes with Bryan for several First Fridays a year. We have lost 5 gallery artists - Kent English, Monica Young, Ron Lambert, Tom George and Bill Rolig. Their creative diversity made a mark on the local art scene and on the gallery. We have shifted away from buying wholesale craft and now buy wine from some great wine reps. Our marketing has moved from print media to social media. Our website is no longer an out dated flash website. We have hung 101 shows and hosted 9 Paint Snow Hill events. AND we now have 2 canine gallery greeters instead of a 3 legged cat. 

All of this would not have happened without the incredible support of my husband. When times get tough, he is always offering encouragement. He has to be the best soul mate around! 

Thanks to family, friends and artists who have made all of this possible!