Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tidbits about our artists

I want people to know more about our artists so each week I am going to share some tidbit about those who show with us. This week it is Denise Dumont's turn - she is part of our fabulous 2-gal show this month (Eva Carson is the other gal.) When Denise attended the Parsons School of Design her career intent was to be an illustrator. As a full-time artist that intent now plays out in sketches she does for her paintings. I remember the first time I saw her sketch was during Paint Snow Hill 2005. She did this fabulous little sketch of a streetscape. The end result of that little sketch was a lovely plein air painting. The secret to her sketches and her paintings seems to be her ability to perfectly compose what she sees then adding the right light and atmosphere. Take Dune Peak - don't you feel the early morning breeze and the warmth of the sand and know the ocean is just over the peak.