Saturday, December 22, 2012


Standing in the gallery today gives me time to reflect on the past year. It has been a year of highs and lows for the gallery "family." Our greatest loss was losing Bill Rolig - one of the most amazing men anyone could know. Bill was an incredible painter but more importantly he was a kind, generous, caring man. What a privilege it was to know him. He left a huge hole in all of our hearts but we know he is flying with the eagles and keeping watch over us.

The happiest news of the year was the marriage of Lynne Lockhart and Kirk McBride. On "advice of counsel" Lynne and Kirk realized their 14 year commitment to each other did not guarantee certain rights afforded married couples. So very quietly they slipped into the court house and were married on February 29. With a luscious cake made by Phil Cropper and lots of sparkling wine flowing, friends and family toasted them at the gallery on March 4. We love celebrations like this! Now Lynne and Kirk have even expanded their family with the addition of Bunny - the perfect companion for Minnie (not sure Minnie agrees but...)

In April Paint Snow Hill 2012 - year 9 - set new records - 70 artists and 53 paintings sold. It is so rewarding to have artists from 9 states - one from Oregon - discover the beauty and light of this area. Judging from the interest already expressed for year 10, it looks like Paint Snow Hill 2013 April 19-21 will be another great event.
In July two of our artists turned 80 within 2 days of each other. Ed Challenger and Tuve Tuvesson are amazing in so many ways. I love it when either of them come through the front door.

And that is what makes Bishop's Stock a wonderful place to be. Now in year 10 I reflect on the great friends we have made; the great art we have shown; the many memories created of good times - even some not so good. Every day when I am ready to leave the house and I say to Sarge and Mo "ready to go to work?" their excitement matches just how I feel - Bishop's Stock is a feel good place to be.

Very best wishes for peace, joy, good health and LOTS of creativity in 2013!

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