Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Digital Collages by Sarah Bush

Since everyone asked Sarah on First Friday how she created her digital images she sent this information for me to share.

"All these digital collage transfers on glass involve a several step process to create. I scan found objects as well as collages and drawings I've made and combine them digitally with photographs I've taken. I then manipulate them a great deal in Photoshop and print them onto a transfer film which I then transfer onto reflective glass.My goal with many of these small works is to take images of everyday objects and transform them into icon-like images that glow."

The images Sarah creates absolutely glow and have a hologram appearance. Check to see more of her work. Also challenge your own creativity at her other website devoted to bringing out hidden talent - Better yet - come see her work at the gallery. It will be here until November 1.

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